Report: The rigging of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.


Chapter 5: Purging of voter registration and invalidation of ballots.

Closed polling stations wasn’t the only problem in Arizona, or other states. Many voters would go to vote and then be told that they were not registered to vote — or they would somehow be registered as the totally wrong affiliation: as an Independent, or even a Republican.

Source: Huffingtonpost


New York and California, the two largest states, also had major problems with registration. Reports of entire voter rolls purged in Brooklyn — Bernie Sanders’ home borough — flooded the news and social media. In January 2017, the Justice Department joined a lawsuit on the case (Source: NY Times). It was much later, in October 2017, that the New York Board of Elections “will acknowledge it broke the law and be making serious changes in its practices, according to the proposed settlement of a legal fight over the purge of more than 200,000 voters from city rolls.” (Source: NY Daily News)

This happened to a lot of people:

nys dnc voter purged.png

The “online encyclopedia of American politics and elections,” Ballotpedia, did a fact-check on California and found that a disproportional amount of ‘Sanders’ votes were being tossed:

Source: Ballotpedia

It’s just more rules that suppress the vote, and in 2016 it worked in favor of Hillary Clinton. If the DNC were really concerned about fairness, neutrality, and “democracy,” it wouldn’t be so difficult for so many people to vote for a certain Democratic candidate in the Democratic primaries.

These examples do not sum up all the voter registration and “spoiled ballot” issues in the 2016 primaries. We will never know how many votes were lost due to these factors, or how much the DNC and other Democratic Party “insiders” were involved in the process to suppress the vote. But we can be confident that this brand of voter suppression hurt Bernie Sanders more than it hurt Hillary Clinton.

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